I'm David, a freelance DevOps engineer and Python developer.

I help clients build the infrastructure they need for their business goals.

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Why Subdirectories Beat Subdomains for SEO

To be honest, it's rather straight-forward if you think about it.

How I Update My Blog With Jenkins

So many blogs are dynamic that updating a static one via Jenkins makes me feel like a hipster :p

Delete Queues In RabbitMQ

When using RabbitMQ you sometimes end up with queues you don't want or need anymore. Deleting them is thankfully a straight-forward process.

Auto-fixing Passive FTP on AWS Instances

AWS EC2 instances require passive FTP and that requires the public IP. Here's a way to configure FTP automatically at boot.

Allow IPs to Bypass Apache Authentication

When using Apache’s user authentication there is often a need to have a whitelist of IPs that can bypass it. This is a pretty straight-forward process but it can appear unintuitive as first.

Caching Proxies - the Cheap Way to Handle Lots of Traffic

You don't always need to use a complicated hosting setup in order to handle high traffic levels.