Install a Firewall on cPanel


WHM/cPanel is a robust, feature-rich control panel and I generally enjoy using it. However, it doesn’t come with a module for controlling the firewall, which is a pity. One option is to manage it via SSH, but this can get a bit messy because cPanel is designed for full system control. Enter ConfigServer Security and Firewall.

CSF is a powerful firewall module for cPanel and has pretty much become the default. Installation is a breeze. Connect to your server via SSH as root and run:

tar -xzf csf.tgz
cd csf

It takes less than a minute and once it is done, log into the WHM interface and you’ll see it under WHM -> Plugins -> ConfigServer Security&Firewall. There are a lot of config options and they’re pretty explanatory (so I won’t go into detail here) but one thing you’ll want to do is turn off testing mode, which is set in the main configuration file.

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